Using PC/TCP from FTP Software Inc., you can mount any of the CD-ROM diskettes directly on your PC. The CD-ROM diskette will appear as a new MS-DOS drive, for example g:

To use PC/TCP you must have a PC with direct Internet access, and you must purchase and install PC/TCP. For further information, contact:

FTP Software, Inc.
26 Princess Street
North Andover MA 01880-3004
voice: (617)-246-0900
fax: (617) 246-0901

Install and configure PC/TCP as described in the installation manual.

Your file c:\ PC/TCP directory \hosts must include the Internet IP numbers of the host computers where the CD-ROMs are mounted. Any future changes in those IP numbers will be reflected in this WWW file.

The contents and NFS locations of the CD-ROM diskettes are subject to frequent change.

In addition, the NFS location

of the CD-ROM menu system is subject to change. Its current location is included in the document you are now reading.

To mount (for example) disk1, disk73, and disk181, type the following:

Note: the following NFS locations are no longer current. For present locations, consult NFS locations of CDROMs.

	idumnt g:
	idmnt CENSUS1 /export/cdrom/cd037 g: user nobody
	idumnt h:
	idmnt CENSUS2 /disk73 h: user nobody
	idumnt i:
	idmnt CENSUS3 /export/cdrom/cd043 i: user nobody

Then you can access those three CD-ROM diskettes as MS-DOS drives g: and h: and i:

The same mechanism is used to mount the NFS file system which contains the CD-ROM menu system:

	idumnt e:
	idumnt f:
	idmnt CENSUS /data9/old/parep2/menu e: user nobody

Drive f: is reserved for use by the CD-ROM menu system.

By modifying your c:\autoexec.bat file, you can cause selected NFS file systems to be automatically mounted on selected drives, each time the PC is rebooted.

Your file c:\autoexec.bat must be modified (and the CD-ROMs remounted) whenever the NFS locations at the University of California are changed.

Please inform if you wish to be notified additionally by electronic mail, of changes in NFS locations.

If you are on the University of California Berkeley Campus, you may request PC/TCP assistance from:
Patty Frontiera ( )
Gary Peete ( )

Other users with PC/TCP experience are
Mitch Kutzko ( )
Eric M. Winslow ( )

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