Leap year, 1582-1752 (a query)

Can anyone shed light on the following question, which to the best of my knowledge is not answered in any of the URLs under Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet, Calendars & Dates.

Note that prior to 1752, the new year began on March 25, not January 1. Dual dates were used to avoid confusion, for example:

	December 31, 1703
	January 1, 1703/4
	March 24, 1703/4
	March 25, 1704

My question is as follows:

Prior to the year 1752, did Feb 29 occur in the years divisible by four old style (Julian), or in the years divisible by four new style (Gregorian)?

Asked another way, which of the two following dates is valid in the dual-dating convention?

	Feb 29, 1703/4
	Feb 29, 1704/5

I think I know the answer, but I am looking for confirmation. Thank you.

Deane Merrill

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