Shelburne Historical Society

P.O. Box 86, Shelburne Falls, MA 01370
(413) 625 6150 (phone attended infrequently)
Recording secretary, Lisa Merrill (413) 625 9765 (home)

This web site is maintained by Deane Merrill, who moved to Asheville, North Carolina in 2006.

The Shelburne Historical Society is chartered to collect, preserve and interpret material of historical interest relating to the Town of Shelburne , Franklin County, Massachusetts. Its museum and headquarters are in the old Arms Academy on the corner of Church and Maple Streets in Shelburne Falls . The museum maintains a room devoted to memorabilia and records of the Academy.

Genealogical queries may be sent to the address above, or to:
Deane Merrill, 96 Beverly Road, Asheville NC 28805.  email:

Franklin County:

Historical Maps of Franklin County, Massachusetts, Deane Merrill
Genealogy in Franklin County, Massachusetts, Robert V. Bremer
Genealogies of Franklin County, Massachusetts, Paul W. Allred

Town of Shelburne:

Deaths in Shelburne, Massachusetts 1740-2003 , Deane Merrill, January 2008.
Gravestone Inscriptions in Shelburne, Massachusetts (June 2011)
Shelburne, MA Records in Find A Grave (May 2011)
Local Photographer Catalogues Gravestones (March 2012)
Arms Cemetery Records Donated to Historical Society, (12,000 cards, incomplete) September 2005.
Mt. Massaemet Shadows (the Society's quarterly newsletter)
Reconnaissance Survey Town Report: Shelburne, Massachusetts Historical Commission, 1982.
Genealogies of Shelburne, Massachusetts, Deane Merrill (incomplete)
Census Data, Town of Shelburne, Deane Merrill
       1850 U.S. Census (heads of household)
       1855 Massachusetts State Census (all family members)
       1865 Massachusetts State Census (all family members)
       1880 U.S. Census (heads of household)
       1900 U.S. Census (heads of household)
       1910 U.S. Census (heads of household)
       1920 U.S. Census (heads of household)

Family Genealogies:

Old Bardwell Account Book Turns Up in Michigan, Deane Merrill, 2003.
The Davenport Family, Bennett F. Davenport, New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 1879.
Who was Prince Hadjimoukoff? Deane Merrill, May 2007, revised October 2009.
Memoranda and Accounts of John S. Haradon 1815-1875
Haradon Family Register, 1856, by Rev. John Schuyler Haradon
The Children and Grandchildren of Nathaniel Merrill and his son Benjamin Merrill, Roger D. Joslyn, March 1990.
Genealogy of Deane Merrill b.1938

Note: Today the Town of Shelburne includes part of the Village of Shelburne Falls, and vice versa.  The names have been used interchangeably at various times in the past.

Information below this line is not maintained. For current information on the Shelburne Historical Society, contact Lisa Merrill (not a relative) at the address and phone number above.

The Museum is open to the public on Wednesdays from 10am to 4pm. For special group visits or appointments call the Historical Society during open hours at 413-625-6150, or Jane Hanford at 413-625-6522.

2000 - 2001 Officers and Trustees

Officers: James Stacy, president; Pam Kelleher, vice president; Nathalie McCormick, treasurer; Lisa Merrill, recording secretary; Linda Feury, corresponding secretary; Susan Shea, records acquisition.

Trustees at large: Shirley Chimi, Sylvia Davenport, Nancy Gifford, Jacqueline Goodman, Joseph Mattei, Deane Merrill, Harriet Paine.

Past president: Russell Davenport.

Honorary trustees: Richard Hollien, Walter Taylor.

The Society welcomes all interested in the history of Shelburne.










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