Genealogies in Franklin County, Massachusetts

By Paul W. Allred

8660 Nash Way
Sacramento, CA 95828
(916) 689-1984

March 2004

Paul Allred is a genealogist with many ancestors in Franklin County, Massachusetts. Paul has computerized the genealogies of dozens of Franklin County families, which he has posted on the Internet to, the electronic Rootsweb mailing list for genealogists interested in Franklin County.

Paul lives in California and has never been to Massachusetts to visit his family homesteads or towns. He hopes to retire in approximately 2003-2005, at which time he hopes for a "Great America Tour" which will include an extended stay in Franklin County and its libraries.

The following genealogies (among others) were created by Paul Allred:

Ancestors of Charles Arthur Merrill 1875-1968

Descendants of Robert Bardwell 1646-1726
Descendants of Richard Belding abt. 1600-1655
Descendants of John Hawks 1617-1662
Descendants of Nathaniel Merrill 1665-1738
Descendants of William Smead abt.1635-1730
Descendants of Hugh Wells abt.1600-1645

The following is a partial list of sources that were used:

Sources used by Paul Allred

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