Mt. Massaemet Shadows

Index of Volumes 11-20, Jan.1985 - Winter 1998
by Deane Merrill

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In the index, the notation 19(1)3 refers to Volume 19, Number 1, Page 3.

The notation 1(2) refers to Volume 1, Number 2, page unspecified.

Cities, towns, etc. are in Massachusetts unless otherwise specified.
Streets are in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts unless otherwise specified.

Mt. Massaemet Shadows is published quarterly by
The Shelburne Historical Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 86, Shelburne Falls, MA 01370
Telephone (413) 625 6150

Editorial Board: Nancy Dole, editor; Ted Merrill, Lisa Merrill, Bill Sweeney, Walter Taylor, Kathleen Upton. Circulation: Diantha Wholey.


Photocopies of articles containing selected pages may be requested from Deane Merrill, A fee of $1 per article will be charged for labor and expenses, including postage. Each article is $1 regardless of the number of pages in the article, or the number of pages requested from that article. (Note: in some cases an "article" is no more than a photo credit, or a list of the Society's Board of Directors. Most articles are one or two pages.)

Please specify the citation(s) and page(s) you want, for example:

Alden, Rev. John: 12(4)4 15(1)5 16(1)5
Alden, Rev. John Jr.: 15(3)13

The preceding request involves four different articles, and would cost $4.

An entire issue or "number," for example 12(4), can be ordered for $10. The length of single issues varies between 4 and 22 pages.

Deane Merrill, will confirm the cost of your order and will provide payment instructions. Most orders are filled in 2-3 weeks. Patience please, this service is provided by volunteers!


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