Deaths in Shelburne, Massachusetts: 1740-2003

Deane Merrill, January 2008

The following files are abstracts of death records at the Town Hall of Shelburne, Franklin County, Massachusetts. Persons who died in Shelburne, or last resided in Shelburne, or are buried in Shelburne, are included.

Several related data sets, all preliminary, are available:

death counts only, 5931 deaths, 1740-2002:
The peak in 1777 is real. Hardships of the Revolution caused an epidemic that claimed 76 lives in one year - ten percent of the population of Shelburne.

1913_2002/image001.gif (graph of death by year of death)
death1.txt (tab-delimited)
death1.csv (comma-delimited)

abstracts and graphs: 4865 deaths 1836-2003:
These records include birth, death, residence and burial of the decedent; name of spouse, and names and birthplaces of parents.

to2003/death3.htm (HTML)

abstracts and graphs: 2983 deaths 1913-2002:
These records do not include name of spouse, or names and birthplaces of parents.

1913_2002/death3.htm (HTML)

full abstracts and graphs from death certificates, 2975 deaths 1913-2002:
These records include birth, death, residence and burial of the decedent; name of spouse, and names and birthplaces of parents.

death4.htm (HTML)

individuals in family trees, 3054 deaths 1911-2003:


to2003\18362003\records_sef.pdf (Adobe Acrobat PDF)


This is a 72-page file, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.   There are 3054 persons in the 1911-2003 Shelburne death records. Of these, 1735 are known to be related to at least one other person in the records; these are organized into 432 multi-surname family trees.  The largest tree contains 68 deceased persons related either by birth or marriage. 


The Shelburne death records are organized in family trees, sorted alphabetically by surname.  For example, the file contains 5 related Shelburne death records in a multi-surname tree "5 Adams/Snow/Streeter,"  which has 2 Adams, 2 Snow, and 1 Streeter.  (Women are counted by their maiden name.)  The multi-surname tree also includes Daniel Caswell, a spouse who does not have a Shelburne death record.


The Shelburne death records appear alphabetically in the file, in 4 single-surname trees: Adams(1875), Caswell(1875), Snow(1873), and Streeter(1900).  Each married couple appear twice in the file, under both the husband's surname and the wife's maiden name.



Roy L Adams 1875-1961 m. Florence ( Snow ) 1873-1950

5  Adams/Snow/Stree


,,,,,Clarice ( Adams ) 1902-1977 m. Frances Streeter 1900-1967






Daniel Caswell m. Carrie ( Snow ) 1875-1968

5  Adams/Snow/Stree





Florence ( Snow ) 1873-1950 m. Roy L Adams 1875-1961

5  Adams/Snow/Stree


Carrie ( Snow ) 1875-1968 m. Daniel Caswell





Streeter (1900)

Frances E Streeter 1900-1967 m. Clarice ( Adams ) 1902-1977

5  Adams/Snow/Stree


The first column, for example "Adams(1875)," indicates the surname and birth year of the earliest known Adams in the single-surname family tree.  There are other Adams trees, for example "Adams(1831)," containing other Adams who are not known to be related to those in "Adams(1875)."  Since Daniel Caswell's birth year is unknown, his wife's birth year is used.


The second column indicates the name(s), birth year(s), and death year(s) of a single person or a married couple.  Parentheses indicate a woman's maiden name.


Indentation indicates a child; for example, ".....Clarice (Adams)" is a daughter of Roy L Adams and Florence (Snow) Adams.  Carrie (Snow) and Florence (Snow) are sisters, whose parents are not given.


Multiple entries indicate multiple marriages.  The notations "h2" and "w2", where they appear, indicate a second (known) husband or a second (known) wife respectively.


Underscores, for example "_____ Alston" are used for unknown names.


Birth and death dates are omitted for persons not in the Shelburne death records.  To preserve the confidentiality of living persons, a spouse's name is included only if he/she is deceased, or likely to be over 100 years old.  For example, Carrie (Snow) 1875-1968 married Daniel Caswell, who is not in the Shelburne death records.  Daniel's name is included because he is most likely deceased or more than 100 years old.  For the purpose of estimating birth years, wives are assumed to be two years younger than their husbands.


The third column is an abbreviation of  multi-surname family tree.  With minor exceptions, the 432 trees are the same as the 434 trees listed in the file below.

family trees, 3067 deaths 1910-2002:
Death records for closely related deceased family members (spouses, siblings, parents and children) were grouped into 434 multi-surname family trees.  A few deaths from earlier years are included.


death records 1774-1866:
This file contains death records transcribed by Deane Merrill at the Shelburne, MA Town Hall, 4/29/04 through 2/10/05.  It includes a partial transcription of deaths in the register "Shelburne Births-Marriages-Deaths Register 1843-1853," and a partial transcription (pages 68-185) of the earlier register "No. 2 Births Marriages Deaths".  Deaths before 1850, in a different format, are available in publication and through  Deaths after 1850 which are not in this file are in a different file, not available online.


genealogy report, deaths in 2000-2002:
This document is a partial genealogy of deaths registered in the town of Shelburne, Franklin County, Massachusetts. For reasons of confidentiality, this document contains no persons believed to be living. Only the years 2000 through 2002 are complete. This version includes no deaths registered before 1958. The present version includes 246, or 4.2 percent, of the 5900 deaths registered through 2002, plus deceased parents, spouses and children mentioned in the death register.

ftw/shelburne.doc (MS Word)


Notes regarding Shelburne and Shelburne Falls:

Shelburne Falls is a village partly in the Town of Shelburne and partly in the Town of Buckland. The Shelburne Town Office maintains records pertaining only to the Shelburne portion of Shelburne Falls, and to the remainder of the Town of Shelburne. "Shelburne Center," when used, refers specifically to the portion of Shelburne not in Shelburne Falls. To make matters more confusing, usage of the terms "Shelburne" and "Shelburne Falls" is not consistent. In the 19th century, Shelburne and Shelburne Falls were generally considered as separate and non-overlapping. The same addresses appear sometimes with "Shelburne" and sometimes with "Shelburne Falls." In this report "Shelburne" is generally used for Shelburne Falls locations, unless they are known to be in Buckland.

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